What Is An FAQ? 

 FAQ stands for Fun Animal Quiz. 

​ How Do I Place An Order? ​

 1. Welcome to the internet 

 2. Click on the store page and find the product you want 

 3. Add the product to your cart making sure you have specified size and colour 

 4. checkout. 


 Payment & Shipping 

 Payment can be made through either a credit / debit card or through PayPal. Your delivery should take no longer than a week to arrive, depending on your chosen delivery location. 

Returns & Refunds

 All products are handprinted, and although we try to get them looking tasty every time, we sometimes make mistakes, some  people dig the mistakes, but some people don't. if you're one of the people who don't, let us know through the contact page or  via Instagram DM.  Returns and refunds will only be accepted if the product has been misprinted or if the shirt itself is damaged.    sucks for you man. 


Thanks for using SN.
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